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Frequently Asked Questions

We've done our best to answer the questions we most often hear. If there's anything we haven't answered, contact us any time.

Who can access our website?

Anyone can see your public pages, but your private pages are password protected. Approved users (owners, residents, property managers, etc.) can log in to see the site's private content.

Will you share our personal information?

Absolutely not! We respect your right to privacy. Your site content is shared between the owners and the property management company (if you have one). We don't sell or share any of the information you put on your site.

How safe is our information?

We can't guarantee our solution a fool-proof solution (and nor can any other company), but we go above and beyond to ensure your data is stored securely and backed up nightly.

At eStrata, we use Amazon Web Services for our document storage needs. Amazon's technology is trusted by many of the largest companies around the world. They have strict privacy policies and provide us with reliable service.

How often is our data backed up?

We perform daily backups of your data to a secure location. Hopefully we won't have any emergencies, but if we ever do, we're ready to perform a full system recovery.

Who can see what I'm doing on the site?

Your system administrator is able to approve your account request, to assign any service requests you've logged, and to approve listings or reservation bookings. Beyond that, only information you've chosen to publicly post (ike a listing) will be visible to others.

Do we have to maintain this website?

We'll take care of the maintenance. You will add the day-to-day content (like meeting minutes, news articles, and upcoming events), but we've made those things as easy as we can for you.

As an admin, how much work is involved?

On average, most site administrators say they spend fewer then 20 minutes per month on the website.

Is there a signup fee? a cancellation fee? or hidden costs?

Sign up for a one-time fee of $299. Once your site is built, you simply pay a monthly fee based on the number of units in your condo. There are no contracts and no cancellation fees.

Can we customize our eStrata site?

All eStrata users have the same version of the software. This allows us to roll out improvements and new features to all users at once. We can, however, offer some simple customization options so that you can make the site work for you. For example, you can customize the outward-facing site with photos and a unique colour scheme.

I'm not tech savy. Can I manage an eStrata site?

Of course! We didn't build eStrata for technical people. We built it with regular homeowners in mind. If you can use a word processor or an email program and know how to attach files or pictures to an email, you'll be able to use eStrata. The site administrator decides who can perform certain tasks (such as creating news articles, uploading documents, approving new users), and authorized users can perform these task(s) directly on the eStrata site.

And if you run into any problems, we're only a phone call (250-514-2208) or an email away.

Where do we get a domain name?

We will set up your site with an eStrata subdomain (e.g. If you already own a top-level domain (e.g., we can help make sure it launches your eStrata site. If you don't own a domain but would like one, let us know. We can buy and manage it on your behalf and will invoice you for the small renewal fee annually.

Can we move our eStrata site to another service provider?

I'm afraid not. We offer the eStrata software as a monthly subscription service. This allows us to maintain the software and the servers, to keep the system safe and secure, and to make sure you receive all the new features and improvements as soon as they become available.