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Check out our feature list! We are always looking for ways to improve eStrata. When our customers come to us with new problems, we start looking for solutions. We regularly release new features to all our clients and let them decide which features to turn on.

Do you have a condo-related problem that our software doesn't address? If so, call or email us any time. We're always looking for new ideas that will improve to our offering.

Sign up today for an eStrata Condo Website

A public website for the world;
Private pages for your members

When you become an eStrata customer, we'll build a public website for your condo, strata, co-op, or homeowner association. We'll customize the site to meet your specific needs and then hand over the reigns. You don't need to be computer-savvy to look after an eStrata site. The interface is user-friendly and easy to learn, but if you do run into any problems, we're only a phone call away.

Store your documents in a secure, central location

With eStrata, your Documents are sorted into folders and are easy to find. Privacy controls let you limit access of confidential information to appropriate individuals.

We use Amazon Web Services for your document storage needs. Amazon's technology is trusted by many of the largest companies around the world. They have strict privacy policies and provide us with reliable service.

Upload documents to your eStrata Condo Website

Create classified listings and real estate listings with your eStrata condo website

Let your members sell via classified listings

The Listings Module lets your site members (owners, residents, property managers) add listings (properties for sale, classifieds, business listings etc.) The interface is simple to use and lets you easily upload photos, choose categories, add prices, descriptions, contact details and more.

We take your privacy and security seriously

Thank you for placing your trust in us. Learn about our eStrata privacy policy.

To protect your data, we use state of the art encryption and provide administrators with the ability to control which users can access certain pages (financial document pages, for instance) and which users can perform specific site tasks (post new content, approve new accounts etc.)

At eStrata, we care about your privacy.

Use your eStrata condo or HOA website for facility booking

Try out the online booking tool

Does your complex have a guest suite, elevator or a rec room that owners can reserve? With eStratra's facility booking calendar, an administrator (or owner/resident - if you want to allow that on your site) can reserve blocks of time in any of your shared facilities.

Share upcoming events

eStrata's Events Module lets you share important details about upcoming meetings or social events with the building's residents.

Log Events on your condo website

Add News and Articles to your eStrata condo or HOA website

Share news and articles with condo users

Publish news and articles to let residents know what's going on. It's easy to add new content to your site; someone with basic computer skills can do it.

eStrata software is easy to use

Can you use a word processor and attach documents to an email? Then navigating and administering an eStrata site should be easy for you. We've built our software to meet your needs; "ease of use" is one of those needs.

eStrata Websites are easy to use

Log Maintenance Requests on your condo website

Log maintenance requests

"The clock has died in the Recreation Room", "The Laundry Room carpet is soaked", "The windows need to be resealed"

The issue tracking module lets residents request maintenance, log complaints and submit messages to the condo board or property manager. All messages, resolutions and comments are stored, archived and backed up securely.

Auto-send email alerts

Automatic notifications are sent to registered users when important documents are posted and when issues are logged or maintenance requests are posted.

Email Notifiers are sent out to eStrata customers

eStrata offers great customer support

We're here to help any time!

We pride ourselves on the level of support we offer to our customers. If you have questions or need help with your eStrata site, we’re never more than an email or phone call away.

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