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Property Managers

Communicate more effectively with your strata and condo clients.

Options for Property Managers

eStrata condo web portals are really useful communication tools, but they simply cannot take the place of a property manager.

A web portal can, however, make your job a whole lot easier by giving you a secure way to:

And so, we’ve come up with a couple of great options that will allow you - our property managers – to get your clients signed up.

Option 1 – Everyone likes money

If you send 2 or more condo boards or strata councils our way, and they sign up for the eStrata service, we’ll send you a cheque for $50. It’s our way of saying “Thanks!”

Option 2 – Discounts are good too

If you sign up for the service on behalf of your clients and manage multiple condo boards or apartment buildings, we offer special “bundle rates”. If you’re planning to roll eStrata sites out to multiple buildings, we can brand each site to match your corporate colour scheme and offer you our discounted rate. Give us a call at 250-514-2208 or email us at for more details.