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10 Reasons to Get a Condo Website

#1 - It’s Affordable: When you sign up for a site with a company that specializes in condo or strata websites, the company is able to spread the development costs across multiple strata boards, which means the cost to any one board should be much lower than you’d anticipate.

Changes to the way Ontario Condos are being governed

In Ontario today, there are 700,000 units and 1.6 million people living in condos. This population explosion has led to an evaluation of the Ontario Condo Act as well as some big updates to the way in which condos must now be governed. Find out if you're up to speed on the latest developments.

Free Condo Board Agenda Templates

Are you looking for a free agenda template to use for your condo board meetings or HOA meetings? You've come to the right place.

How can I track maintenance requests and issues for my condo?

"The clock has died in the Recreation Room!", "The Laundry Room carpet is soaking wet!", "The windows need to be resealed!" eStrata's Service Request module allows your users to log issues and for you to track and manage those issues.

Add listings to your condo website

One of our most requested feature is now here! With the new eStrata Listings Module, owners, residents and property managers can easily add property listings, classifieds, business listings and more via a user-friendly interface.

Why should we launch a condo website?

A condo website can help build a sense of community by giving residents a communication tool of which everyone can be a part.

What can a condo website do for me?

A condo website can help the residents of your condo feel like they are part of the community and can give them a sense that their voices are heard by the condo council.

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