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How Can Help Stratas Adhere to the Strata Act

If you live in a strata property in British Columbia, you know how important it is to comply with the Strata Property Act and regulations. The Strata Property Act is the legal framework that governs how strata corporations must be created and operated, and it affects the rights and responsibilities of owners, residents, councils, and property managers.

But following the Strata Property Act can be challenging, especially if you are unfamiliar with all the rules and requirements. That's why can be a valuable resource for your strata community. is a Canadian company that provides outstanding condo websites that are easy to use and affordable. We design websites specifically for strata councils, condo boards, homeowner associations, and co-ops, and they offer many features that can help you adhere to the Strata Property Act.

Here are some of the benefits of using for your strata website:

  • Document Storage: You can store and access all your strata documents, such as bylaws, rules, minutes, financial statements, insurance certificates, and more, in a secure and organized way. You can also sort your documents into folders and apply privacy controls to limit access to appropriate individuals. This can help you comply with the Strata Property Act's requirements for record keeping and access to records.
  • Communication: You can communicate more effectively with your neighbours, property managers and the board through email notifications, news and articles, issue tracking, and classified listings. You can also create public and private events to share important details about upcoming meetings, maintenance, or social activities. This can help you comply with the Strata Property Act's requirements for giving notice and providing information.
  • Administration: You can easily manage your strata's budget, expenses, and contingency reserve fund. You can also use the facility booking calendar to reserve blocks of time in any of your shared facilities, such as guest suites, elevators, or recreational rooms. This can help you comply with the Strata Property Act's requirements for financial management and administration of common property and shared assets.

As you can see, can make your life a little simpler and a lot more organized while helping you adhere to the Strata Property Act. If you would like a condo website for your strata, check out or contact us at any time. You won't regret it!

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