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What can a condo website do for me?

A condo website can help the residents of your condo feel like they are part of the community and can give them a sense that their voices are heard by the condo council.

Too often, residents complain they are not kept up-to-date concerning condo matters. They know board meetings occur, projects are underway, and every once in a while, they may hear some news through the grapevine. But often times, residents don't hear about progress the board has made; perhaps they have issues with noise, parking, elevator maintenance or security; maybe they have ideas and suggestions. How do these neighbours make their voices heard?

Do we board members get so caught up in the everyday details of governing a board that we forget to keep condo residents informed? When residents only periodic newsletter that skim the details of board accomplishments, it's easy to complain and feel misinformed. When residents start to feel a disconnect with their board, apathy can result. Apathy may lead to low voter turnouts or to disgruntled residents aiming to “fix” the problems with the board.

So what can a board do? A website is one of the easiest and most affordable solutions. Residents will feel informed and up-to-date if information is always at their fingertips. A website gives your board the perfect vehicle to let residents know how you're improving the community. Residents will see what's going on in their neighbourhood, they'll have access to minutes, bylaws, special events and more. Interactive websites may also give residents the opportunity to vote on issues, take part in discussions, log maintenance requests and more – all with 24/7 access.

A community website is a great way to keep residents up-to-date on current issues and events, but it's also a great place to archive past items. Looking at previous minutes helps to show residents that your board has realized its accomplishments, and it may help to point out to that disgruntled resident that the current board does not, in fact, need to be “fixed”.

Keep your residents informed, and they'll be happier. Keep them happy, and they'll feel they are part of their condo community.