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Add listings to your condo website

One of our most requested features is now here!

For the past few months, we've been working hard on a new Listings Module and are excited to roll it out to our eStrata clients.

The Listings Module lets your site members (owners, residents, property managers) add listings (properties for sale, classifieds, business listings etc.) The interface is simple to use and lets you easily upload photos, choose categories, add prices, descriptions, contact details and more.

Features of the Listings Module

We've included lots of great features with the Listings Module and plan to roll out further upgrades later this year. In the first cut of Listings, we've included:

  • The ability for admin users to approve/reject new listings
  • The ability for owners and residents to manage their own listings from the front end
  • Email notifications to listing owners or admin users when listings are added or updated
  • Unlimited custom sections and categories
  • A multi-image photo gallery
  • Customizable section layouts
  • Configurable listing attributes
  • The ability to create public and private sections
  • The ability to automatically (optionally) expire listings after a predefined number of days
  • Much much more...

Like all of the eStrata modules, Listings is easy to use. If you can use a word processor or send an email, you'll have no problem adding a listings to your site.

If you don't already offer listings on your condo website and would like to, give us a call any time, and we'll install the Listings Module for you.

Screen Samples

Easily create and style a new listing

Create a listing

Approve and edit listings from the Maintain Listings screen

Maintain Listings Screen - eStrata Condo Website

Social Media icons provide links from Business Listings

Listing Sample on an eStrata site

Drag-and-drop to easily upload images to a listing

Upload images to a listing - eStrata Condo Website

Try out the new Listings Module

The listings module is available on our eStrata demo site. Remember to sign into the site first so you'll be able to add a couple of listings.

If you have questions or feedback, we'd love to hear from you

Customer feedback largely shapes the path our development team takes, and your feedback has been invaluable to us this far. If you have suggestions that will help us to improve the eStrata product, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact us today.