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Can condo residents use eStrata to book the guest suite/recreation room/shared facility?

Absolutely! Just let us know you'd like to install the Reservation Module

We recently rolled out the eStrata Reservation Module. This module lets you show registered users when shared facilities (such as a recreation room, club house, guest suite, elevator, patio etc.) have been reserved for an event and when those facilities are available to be booked.

eStrata reservation module

Create calendar resources

When owners and residents access the module, they'll see a calendar for each of the available resources (guest room, suite, etc.). You can configure each resource so your residents will know which time slots are available for booking. If a time isn't available, a 'busy' indicator lets them know.

Book a shared resource

It's pretty easy for residents to request and manage facility bookings. Simply to navigate to the calendar, select the desired date and time, then create the request. If the request requires the approval of an administrator, the system sends out an email to let you know one of the residents has requested a calendar booking.

Drag and drop features let you move calendar blocks to different days or time slots, and a resizing bar lets you extend or shorten the length of your calendar booking.

If you'd like to try out the reservation module, head on over to our demo site and give it a try.

Or if you're already an eStrata customer who has a shared facility, let us know and we'll help get you set up with online reservations! Call us at 250-514-2208 or email us any time1