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How do Service Requests work?

The Service Request module is invaluable to many of our condo and strata clients as it helps streamline the communications between owners/renters and the property manager or council.

The Service Request module lets the end-user log an issue for the board/council to address. The end-user can also view tickets they've logged, comment on, and track any activity recorded against those tickets.

If you'd like to try out the module, it's super easy. Just log into our demo site and give it a try.

What type of Service Requests can an end-user log?

The eStrata Service Request module is configurable. Therefore, you can create as few or as many "ticket types" as your condo board needs.

Here are some of the more common ticket types our clients' request:

  • Maintenance requests or problem reports
  • Complaints
  • Suggestions
  • Requests for information

For each of these, the administrator decides what information to capture. For example, your "maintenance request" ticket type might ask the end-user to specify if the issue is related to plumbing, electrical, building structure, roofing, etc.

Some clients have even used the Service Request module to allow end-users:

  • to request parking passes
  • to ask questions specific to an AGM
  • and more...

How does the administrator action these Service Requests?

When the end-user logs one of these service requests, eStrata sends an email notification to your site admin (and to any of the designated service request moderators).

As an administrator, you will also have access to an admin interface. Here, you can perform Service Request maintenance, which includes filtering and sorting Service Requests, creating new requests, assigning Service Requests to specific users, commenting on them, resolving and closing them.

Check out this short overview video to see how easy it is to log a Service Request.

If you are already using the Service Request module and would like to talk about ways to maximize the use of the module, please call or email us any time. If you are not using the module but would like to try it out, please check out our demo site OR call us and ask us to enable the module for you.