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A quick walkthrough of the new eStrata demo site

We've been working hard recently to roll out new improvements to our eStrata demo site. When you log in, you'll be able to access all the new administrative tools.

So let's get started ...

First, goto Tap the Sign In button. And sign in using the following credentials:

password: password

After you log in, feel free to tap through the screens and try a few features. To the end user, things should look and feel the same. We're planning to roll out a few end user improvements over the coming months too, but we'll do that slowly so that people can get used to the changes over time.

When you'll really see a difference is in the admin screens. To access those from the demo site, tap the Administer Site button on the home page. That button launches the new admin screens. On the left side of that screen, you'll see all the modules we enabled for the demo site. If you tap one of those modules, you can play with the features of each module.

To help you get started, let's look at a few modules - Document Storage, Articles and News Stories.

Document Storage

Document Storage is our most popular module. As an administrator, you can:

  • create new folders and subfolders
  • upload documents to those folders
  • specify how the system should sort and display documents
  • dictate who can see each folder, who can upload to each folder, and who the system should notify when a document is uploaded.


Here, you can add a new article - something important to your condo residents - like Recycling Guidelines or Instructions for using the Parking Garage. After you've written the article, you can edit and format the text, preview the unpublished article, set with the security permissions if not all users should be able to read the article, and publish it.

News Stories

Administering the News module is very similar to the Articles module. The differences are the types of content you post and where that content is published. News is more timely and posts to the feed on the home page. You might use the News module to tell people about a recent burglary or share information about an upcoming maintenance project.

This blog post scratches only the surface of the new features. Once you start exploring, you'll find many new features and functionality. Have fun playing - and we're sure you'll have questions, so if you run across something you'd like us to explain or demo, call us (250-514-2208) or email us any time! We're always happy to answer your questions and are here to help!