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How eStrata Software Revolutionizes Condo Property Management

As a property manager, are you tired of managing condo or strata properties through a clutter of paperwork and manual processes? Switch to eStrata and watch your condo management become more efficient than ever before.

eStrata software is specifically designed to help property managers streamline their operations, from document distribution to maintenance to communication.

Here are some key advantages of using the eStrata platform:

Online document storage

When it comes to storing confidential documents online, security cannot be compromised, and adopting a role-based secure online document storage seems to be the best way to accomplish this. With such a system, access privileges are granted only to authorized individuals, according to their roles and responsibilities within the organization. This ensures that information is only accessible to those who need it and that it cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons. It also makes it easy to enforce document retention policies and facilitate legal compliance. Thus, strata, condos, co-ops and HOAs should embrace role-based secure online document storage to safeguard their sensitive information from unauthorized access and ensure that their document management practices are secure and in compliance with legal and industry standards.

Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management is the process of managing maintenance activities within an organization. It involves a range of tasks, including logging, assigning, executing, and monitoring maintenance activities.

Effective maintenance management should leverage technology to automate maintenance processes and track tasks. With the right maintenance management practices in place, organizations can maximize the value of their assets, reduce downtime, and achieve operational excellence.

With eStrata software, you can track and schedule maintenance tasks for your condo and strata properties, avoiding missed deadlines and ensuring timely repairs.


eStrata software provides a communication platform to connect property managers, owners, and tenants with one another. You can share news and updates in real-time, interact with owners about their concerns, and maintain a history of communications.


You can access eStrata software from anywhere, anytime through an internet connection, letting you manage your properties remotely without the need to be physically present.

Managing condo and strata properties has never been easier. By using eStrata software, you can save time, reduce errors and better manage your budgets and properties. Give your property management a boost and try out eStrata software today or contact us to request a demo.