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How much does the eStrata service cost?

When you sign up for a website, there's a one-time setup fee of $299.00. Once your website is up and running, we charge an affordable monthly licensing/hosting fee.

Small (1-30 Units)

$25 / Month

One-time setup fee: $299

Medium (31-60 Units)

$49 / Month

One-time setup fee: $299

Large (61-90 Units)

$69 / Month

One-time setup fee: $299

XLarge (91+ Units)

If your complex has more than 90 units, please contact us to discuss custom pricing.

30-Day Trial


Please check out our demo site. If you're happy with what you see and would like some extra time exploring the features in private space, we'd be happy to set up a 30-day trial for you to try out. If you'd like one, Let us know and we'll have it up and running for you in a day or so.

Your monthly subscription includes:

Access to all our Features

Whether your complex is big or small, you'll have access to as many or as few of our features as you'd like. That means you can upload documents, share news and events, add listings, offer calendar bookings, log service requests and more!

Hosting and a Personalized Subdomain

We will host your site and provide you with a personal eStrata subdomain (e.g.

SSL Certificate

Your site will come with a Digital Certificate. This creates a secure link between your site and any visitor's browser. It ensures the data passed between the two remains private and secure.

Advanced Analytics

If you're interested in seeing how many site visitors you have each month, let us know and we can send you a detailed report that provides a wealth of information about the visitors (such as their locations, the type of browser or device they’ve used to look at your site).

Email Support

Email us any time at if you have a question or a request. We offer the same great level of support to all our clients, regardless of your plan size.

Phone Support

We pride ourselves on being able to offer great phone support. Give us a call at 250-514-2208 if you have questions, if you need to change your billing details, or if you’d just like to chat!